Athenaeum at Amityville Apothecary Opens in Amityville, N.Y.

Athenaeum at Amityville Apothecary, a bookstore with a focus on the metaphysical and spiritual, has opened in Amityville, N.Y., Newsday reported.

The bookstore carries titles pertaining to subjects like tarot reading, crystals, astrology, dreams, witchcraft and personal development and growth. Co-owners Dina Rosenberg and Danielle Martin are also the owners of Amityville Apothecary, which they opened four years ago.

Martin told Newsday that the shop caters to everyone from "the beginner that is just looking to start their journey to the more experienced practitioner that's looking to deepen their practice."

There are books from local authors about deciphering dreams, understanding astrology and crystal healing, as well as plenty of tarot decks, all of which have demo copies that can be perused before buying. The Apothecary carries crystals, candles, jewelry and essential oils, and events include candle and ornament making and introductions to witchcraft.

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