Cool Idea of the Day: 'Neighbours Helping Neighbours'

Now in its 50th holiday season in Guelph, Ont., Canada, the Bookshelf has seen how the downtown area has changed. As Ben Minett wrote on the store's website, "The number of vulnerable people in this city has increased dramatically--those facing mental health crises, addiction, homelessness and food insecurity. Perhaps you feel compassion, sadness and even fear about what is happening. Maybe you want to reach out but feel paralyzed by confusion about how and where to help. One thing that has been proven time and again: Having a place to call home is a big step towards recovery for everyone."

As a result, the store is supporting the Home for Good Campaign with a $20,000 donation. And it's encouraging customers to donate, too, with several enticements: all gifts made to the Home for Good Campaign through the Bookshelf will be automatically doubled through a match by the City of Guelph. And all donors will be entered into a raffle for a free cinema rental at the store.

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