Awards: Porchlight Business Book of the Year Shortlist

Porchlight Book Company, formerly 800-CEO-READ, has announced the shortlist for the company's 16th annual Business Book Awards. The Porchlight editorial team chose eight titles as the best in their categories and now finalists for the 2022 Porchlight Business Book of the Year. The overall winner, along with the Jack Covert Award for Contribution to the Business Book Industry recipient, will be named January 12.

Porchlight owner & CEO Rebecca Schwartz commented: "We have all experienced those moments in books that burrow in, that affect us deeply or hang around in the corners of our minds and periodically resurface like an old friend. As a teacher of literature for many years, I saw it happen over and over again: a student's Aha! across the table in September and then a reference to that insight appearing somewhere in an essay in May. Similarly, as a third-generation Schwartz bookseller, I celebrate that the books we ship not only make their way into your homes and offices, but into your heads and hearts as well. And I have confidence that when you pick up one--or more--of the eight titles on our shortlist, you will find not only information, but an experience that burrows in and changes the way you feel and think about business and life for years to come." 

This year's Torchlight Business Book of the Year finalists are:

Leadership & Strategy Book of the Year: Dare to Un-Lead: The Art of Relational Leadership in a Fragmented World by Celine Schillinger (Figure 1)
Management & Workplace Culture Book of the Year: Beloved Economies: Transforming How We Work by Jess Rimington & Joanna Levitt Cea (Page Two)
Marketing & Communications/Sales & Influence Book of the Year: How Minds Change: The Surprising Science of Belief, Opinion and Persuasion by David McRaney (Portfolio)
Innovation & Creativity Book of the Year: Inspired: Understanding Creativity: A Journey through Art, Science and Soul by Matt Richtel (Mariner Books)
Personal Development & Human Behavior Book of the Year: Stolen Focus: Why You Can't Pay Attention--and How to Think Deeply Again by Johann Hari (Crown)
Current Events & Public Affairs Book of the Year: Pandemic Inc.: Chasing the Capitalists and Thieves Who Got Rich While We Got Sick by J. David McSwane (One Signal Publishers)
Narrative & Biography Book of the Year: Shine Bright: A Very Personal History of Black Women in Pop by Danyel Smith (Roc Lit 101)
Big Ideas & New Perspectives Book of the Year: The College Devaluation Crisis: Market Disruption, Diminishing ROI, and an Alternative Future of Learning by Jason Wingard (Stanford Business Books)

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