Image of the Day: Home for the Holidays

Valley Bookseller, Stillwater, Minn., hosted a Minnesota welcome for Rachel Kapelke-Dale, whose novel The Ingenue was recently published by St. Martin's Press. While she was visiting family in the Midwest from her home in Paris, a group of authors and other book folk came to celebrate. Pictured: (l.-r., front row) Kim McCormick (Excelsior Bay Books), Mindy Mejia, Nigar Alam, Pamela Klinger-Horn (Valley Bookseller), Tucker the Labrador, Nina Hamza, (second row) Ann Bauer (holding The Squirrel), Gretchen Anthony, Toni Halleen, Ellie Temple (Excelsior Bay Books), Rachel Kapelke-Dale, Priscilla Paton, Nicole Kronzer, Lorna Landvik, (third row) Carolyn Porter, Liz Hovland (Valley Bookseller), Heather Bouwman, David Enyeart (Next Chapter Books), Loretta Ellsworth, Laurie Sigal, Shannon Donnelly (Diversion Books), (fourth row) Sarah Stonich, Sheila O'Connor, Ann Woodbeck (Excelsior Bay Books).
(photo: Michael Horn)

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