TV: How to Leave the House

Nathan Newman's upcoming novel How to Leave the House has been optioned by This England executive producer Richard Brown's Passenger production company, along with Chernobyl director Johan Rencks/Spaceman producer Michael Parets' new company, Sinestra. Deadline reported that the TV rights were acquired following a "competitive auction" for the book, which has a spring 2024 pub date.

Brown, Renck and Parets said the book could be an "instant classic.... Bracingly original, profoundly insightful and extremely funny to boot, we feel tremendously fortunate to work alongside Nathan as they shepherd How to Leave the House into its next life as a television series." 

Deadline added that Fremantle "had acquired Passenger earlier this month and Brown's shingle is also working on an adaptation of Tess Gunty's The Rabbit Hutch. Sinestra, meanwhile, was launched in September and is adapting Antoine Wilson's Mouth to Mouth."

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