B&N College Serving Va.'s Tidewater Community College Relocating

The Tidewater Community College bookstore in MacArthur Center, Norfolk, Va., is closing tomorrow, December 21, as it begins the move to a campus location, Daily Press reported. Managed by Barnes & Noble College, the store is moving to the Norfolk campus student center across the street at 310 Granby St. and will operate in a temporary space there until construction finishes on the new space. The bookstore opened on the second and third floors of the mall in 2007.

Karen Campbell, v-p of student affairs, said the change will make the bookstore more accessible to students. The move is part of a new contract between B&N College, which operates more than 770 campus stores nationwide, and TCC. The company has managed TCC bookstores since 2006. 

The bookstore on TCC's Virginia Beach campus will remain open while undergoing renovations. The Chesapeake and Portsmouth campus bookstore distribution centers will also continue operating. 

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