Movies: Paul Martin and the Magic Magnifying Glass

Creation Entertainment Media and Magic Frame Animation (Netflix's Secret Magic Control Agency) will team up to adapt Georges Alexander Vagan's book series Paul Martin and the Magic Magnifying Glass. Deadline reported that the production companies will co-develop and produce the fantasy adventure tales into a film series for family audiences, with the first movie expected to be released in 2025. The scripts are in development.

Originally written in French, the books and audiobooks are available in a variety of languages, including English, German, Italian and Spanish. The series includes five novels, with a sixth currently being written by Vagan.

The animated features will be based on "the extended Paul Martin universe, with the first film largely adapted from the first book in the series, Paul Martin and the Magic Magnifying Glass," Deadline noted.  

"I couldn't ask for a better partnership to turn Paul Martin's fantasy detective world into films fit for the screen," said Vagan.

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