Vesper Bookstore and Wine Bar Coming to Detroit, Mich.

A bookstore and wine bar called Vesper is slated to open in Detroit, Mich., early this year, Eater Detroit reported.

Co-owners Symantha Duggan and Rob Wilson are renovating a former bank building at 5001 Grand River Ave., in Detroit's Core City neighborhood. The 2,400-square-foot space will be divided between the bookstore and the wine bar/lounge, with the bank's original marble counters serving as part of the bar.

The book inventory will focus on things like translated literature and cookbooks, while the bar will serve natural wines, beer and non-alcoholic beverages along with a selection of snacks. The store will also carry a small amount of things like cookware and cutlery.

Wilson and Duggan described Vesper as a "third place focused on hospitality and ritual." There are plans to host things like poetry readings, book signings with food writers and events with local chefs.

Duggan first imagined a space like Vesper around 10 years ago, when she was still living in Austin, Tex. Wilson, meanwhile, is a veteran of the Detroit bar scene. In 2020 they decided to team up and turn Duggan's dream into a reality. They are aiming for Vesper to be open in the spring.

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