Media Heat: Matthew Connelly on Fresh Air

Fresh Air: Matthew Connelly, author of The Declassification Engine: What History Reveals About America's Top Secrets (Pantheon, $32.50, 9781101871577).

CBS Mornings: Dolly Parton, co-author of Dolly Parton's Billy the Kid Makes It Big (Penguin Workshop, $19.99, 9780593661574).

Sherri Shephard Show: Kristin Chenoweth, author of I'm No Philosopher, But I Got Thoughts: Mini-Meditations for Saints, Sinners, and the Rest of Us (Harper Celebrate, $22.99, 9781400228492).

Late Night with Seth Meyers repeat: Stephen Markley, author of The Deluge (Simon & Schuster, $32.50, 9781982123093).

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