'The Best Niche Bookstores in New York'

Curbed NY featured its picks for the "Best Niche Bookstores in New York," including High Valley Books ("Since 1999, rare-book collector Bill Hall has been running a secondhand bookshop out of his two-story Brooklyn apartment."); Pillow-Cat Books ("The tiny shop in the East Village is stuffed exclusively with books that are about animals, feature an animal character, or have an animal on the cover art."); Yu and Me Books ("The space curates a selection of immigrant stories you wouldn't necessarily find at other bookshops."); Dashwood Books ("David Strettell was working as Mario Testino's assistant in 2005 when he decided to open Dashwood, a store devoted entirely to photo books. Eighteen years later, the place remains much as it was."); and Bluestockings Cooperative ("The blue zigzagged shelves are so stocked with works by queer, trans, and BIPOC authors that Haines can consistently find titles even her very well-versed club members have never heard of..."). 

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