For Sale: Buteo Books

Buteo Books, an online bookstore specializing in birdwatching, ornithology and natural history, is up for sale. The store, which began as a mail-order bookstore in 1971, is based in Virginia and sells new, used and antiquarian titles. It also has a partnership with the American Birding Association.

Jamie Hale, who has owned the business since 2013, reported that the surge in interest in birdwatching during the pandemic led to an increase in sales. The bookstore continues to be successful and profitable, and Hale described the store's customer base as "loyal and constantly growing." Hale explained: "Sadly, life is pulling me in another direction, but I hope to see the store continue to thrive."

Hale noted that the sale could "take many forms," such as separating the new and used inventory. It could include the store's inventory and database as well as its customer list and supplier contacts. Shelving and other fixtures are also available and are located in Virginia. 

Interested parties can reach Hale at

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