Stu Abraham Wins Kay Sexton Award

Congratulations to Stu Abraham, winner of the 2023 Kay Sexton Award, given annually to "an individual or organization in recognition of longstanding dedication and outstanding work in fostering books, reading, and literary activity in Minnesota." The award is part of the 2023 Minnesota Book Awards, presented this year by Education Minnesota. Abraham will be honored at the 35th annual Minnesota Book Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, May 2

Abraham formed Abraham Associates in 1992 and has represented a range of national, regional and Minnesota publishers. He was cited for being " 'the platform' for introducing booksellers and readers to new titles from Coffee House Press, Graywolf Press, Lerner Publishing, Hungry Mind Press, Holy Cow Press, Redleaf Press, the vast and diverse offerings from Consortium Distribution, and many others. After his early years as a rep in the Chicago area, and then as a house rep for Publishers Group West, Stu settled in the Twin Cities, supporting the efforts of booksellers such as B. Dalton, Hungry Mind, Odegard Books in both Saint Paul and Minneapolis, and others that helped Minnesota become one of the leading literary communities in the country....

"Stu's contributions to the Minnesota literary community go far beyond sales. He has been an essential bridge between publishers, distributors, and bookstores large and small throughout his career. Stu has gone above and beyond in helping young booksellers establish their businesses and has helped launch the careers of many fellow book reps.

"He has also served as an unofficial agent, guiding many Minnesota authors in their efforts to find a publisher, work with bookstores, and build their careers. His advocacy on behalf of authors has always been pro bono and without regard for credit. But these authors know how invaluable Stu has been in getting their books on shelves and in the hands of readers. They have been inspired by Stu's generosity of spirit and the intellectual curiosity he has exhibited for his entire career."

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