Cool Idea of the Day: Nowhere Bookshop's Bad Review Merch

The team at Nowhere Bookshop in San Antonio, Tex., has created a line of sweatshirts, hoodies, and T-shirts featuring two bad reviews of the bookstore. 

The first review, which rated the bookstore one out of five stars, reads: "I don't understand the need for an expletive on every single piece of merchandise. There is a very political feel to most of the products and the book selection. Leave the propaganda at home and let's just read. Especially if I'm going to pay full price, I'll spend my money anywhere but nowhere."

The second, a two-star review, states: "If you're very conservative... You will be offended."

General manager Elizabeth Jordan told News 4 San Antonio that the chosen reviews help underscore the store's mission, particularly its commitment to supporting queer and BIPOC communities and creating "an open, inclusive, and welcoming community space."

The clothing items are currently being sold as part of a limited-time campaign on Bonfire, and nearly 500 have been sold. Should demand continue after the campaign ends on November 24, the store will continue to make the items available. They are also looking at putting the reviews on tote bags and selling them in-store.

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