Firebrand Holding First Publishing Innovation Forum in September

The Firebrand Group, which includes Firebrand Technologies, NetGalley, and Supadu, is launching the Publishing Innovation Forum, formerly known as the Firebrand Group Industry Conference, with the aim of "bringing the entire publishing industry together for conversations related to evolving and adapting to the book industry's many changes," with a focus on sales, rights and permissions, marketing, audiobooks, e-books, printing, distribution, and more. Sessions will encompass three tracks: marketing, technology, and business. The event is planned for September 24-26, in Nashville, Tenn.

The three keynote speakers are Mary McAveney, president and CEO, Abrams; Andy Hunter, founder and CEO, as well as the co-creator and publisher of Literary Hub, Crime Reads, and BookMarks, and co-founder and chairman of Electric Literature; and Michael Tamblyn, CEO, Kobo, and a senior executive officer of parent company Rakuten. Speakers include Jason Brockwell, president of National Book Network; David Hetherington, v-p, global business development, of Books International; Joe Matthews, CEO of IPG; and Jin Yu, director of marketing, Berkley Publishing Group.

Firebrand Technologies and NetGalley CEO Angela Bole said, "It's important to all of us at the Firebrand Group that the Publishing Innovation Forum is a welcoming community of book industry professionals willing to share their collective knowledge and expertise. We know it's collaborative environments like this that provide the keys to solving common challenges and ensuring our industry remains strong, informed, and ready for the future. As a collection of companies, we're committed to fostering these environments both internally and externally."

For more information and to register, click here.

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