Fox & Fable Bookstore Opens in Prairie Grove, Ark.

Fox & Fable Bookstore, a new and used bookstore with titles for all ages, opened earlier this spring in Prairie Grove, Ark., the Washington County Enterprise-Leader reported.

The bookstore carries general-interest titles and is located at 114 E. Buchanan St., in the same space as flower shop Flowers-n-Friend. Owner Sky Tabor, a lifelong reader who grew up in Prairie Grove, opened her own bookstore after seeing the clear need for one in the community, particularly downtown. She told the Enterprise-Leader: "I wanted there to be a good bookstore, one that is safe for everyone to come in and shop and to find a book to read and enjoy."

Tabor is the daughter-in-law and niece-in-law of Michelle Tabor and Leslie Tabor, owners of Flowers-n-Friend. The flower shop is still active and can be entered through the bookstore or the building's back exit.

Fox & Fable buys used books and accepts donations of gently used titles. The shop has held one event with a local writer, and Tabor plans to host more events in the months to come. The store opened March 23 and so far, she added, "it has been wonderful, beyond our expectations and quite wonderful."

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