My Library Shelf Opening in Coleman, Mich.

My Library Shelf, a new and used bookstore with an all-ages, general-interest inventory, will open this weekend in Coleman, Mich., the Midland Daily News reported.

Located at 5474 N. Coleman Rd., the store carries books at a variety of price points meant to be accessible to all. In addition to books, there is a small coffee bar as well as a lounge area where customers can sit and read.

Owner Calvin Martin has a grand opening celebration planned for Saturday, June 1, that will include free coffee, food, a 10% off sale, and a gift for shoppers who spend more than $10. The shop will be open Tuesday through Saturday each week.

Martin and his wife moved to Coleman about three years ago. Both book lovers, they started selling used books at sales in the area. Then they chose to open a store of their own.

"It kind of started as a hobby--buying used books to resell at occasional book sales throughout the year," Martin told the Daily News. "Eventually we just grew until we had enough that we decided we would open up a full-time bookstore."

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