National Book Foundation Launches Summer Reading Adventure

To celebrate 75 years of the National Book Awards, the National Book Foundation has launched its first Summer Reading Adventure for adults 18 and older "to lean into the nostalgic, prize-filled fun of summer reading."

Reading activities include visiting a local bookstore or library and asking for a recommendation; re-reading a favorite book from childhood; listening to an audiobook; reading a book in an unfamiliar genre; attending a literary event in person or online; and more.

Participants who complete any of the activities will be entered to win books, hats, ice cream, reusable water bottles, and more. Participants who complete all the activities will be entered to win the grand prize--a trip to New York to the National Book Awards ceremony November 20 with airfare, hotel, and two tickets included. Everyone who submits the Adventure online or via mail by August 31 will receive and discount codes.

Information is available online in English, Spanish, and Mandarin as well as available in person at some New York Public Library branches in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island. The Foundation will share participants' adventures on its social platforms, with most of the action on Instagram @nationalbookfoundation.

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