Bestsellers in May

The bestselling audiobooks at independent bookstores during May:

1. Funny Story by Emily Henry (Penguin Random House Audio)
2. The Women by Kristin Hannah (Macmillan Audio)
3. The Ministry of Time by Kaliane Bradley (Simon & Schuster Audio)
4. James by Percival Everett (Penguin Random House Audio)
5. Just for the Summer by Abby Jimenez (Hachette Audio)
6. Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone by Benjamin Stevenson (HarperAudio)
7. Listen for the Lie by Amy Tintera (Macmillan Audio)
8. The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store by James McBride (Penguin Random House Audio)
9. Real Americans by Rachel Khong (Penguin Random House Audio)
10. Long Island by Colm Toibin (Simon & Schuster Audio)

1. The Demon of Unrest by Erik Larson (Penguin Random House Audio)
2. The Anxious Generation by Jonathan Haidt (Penguin Random House Audio)
3. Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer (Tantor Media)
4. The Age of Magical Overthinking by Amanda Montell (Simon & Schuster Audio)
5. Rebel Girl by Kathleen Hanna (HarperAudio)
6. Sociopath by Patric Gagne (Simon & Schuster Audio)
7. Coming Home by Brittney Griner and Michelle Burford (Penguin Random House Audio)
8. The Hundred Years' War on Palestine by Rashid Khalidi (Macmillan Audio)
9. Joyful Recollections of Trauma by Paul Scheer (HarperAudio)
10. I'm Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy (Simon & Schuster Audio)

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