Temple University Shifts to Follett from B&N

Temple University's bookstores in Philadelphia, Pa., are transitioning from Barnes & Noble College to Follett Higher Education Group this summer. The Temple News reported that Follett's bookstores will fully open June 24, after closing June 8-23. All online services will cease on June 2, and both the Main Campus and Health Sciences bookstores will physically close June 7.

"While there will be temporary inconveniences, we believe this will ultimately allow us to bring a higher-quality service to our students, faculty and staff that is better in line with our world-class institution," provost Gregory Mandel wrote in a message to students.

The Main Campus bookstore will occupy the same space in the Howard Gittis Student Center, on the basement level, until Fall 2025, then relocate to Paley Hall once the renovation is complete. The Health Sciences Center bookstore will continue to operate in the same location. 

Follett is partnered with more than 1,000 universities and can offer more materials, merchandise and experiences for Temple students and staff, the university wrote. 

On June 24, students and staff will be able to use a new Temple bookstore website through Follett for all online bookstore purchases. The Barnes & Noble College bookstore websites have been separate for textbooks and spirit shop apparel. 

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