Obituary Note: Michael Mosley

British doctor, bestselling nonfiction author, and broadcaster Michael Mosley, who "became a household name for diet books promoting calorie reduction and fasting, including The Fast Diet (2013), written with the journalist Mimi Spencer," has died, the Guardian reported. He was 67. Mosley disappeared June 5 while on holiday in Greece, where authorities conducted an extensive search over five days until his body was found June 9. 

Mosley's work gained popularity from his self-experimentation, "which included swallowing tapeworms, magic mushrooms, internal cameras and--most famously--fasting to cure his own type 2 diabetes, diagnosed in 2012," the Guardian noted, adding that he became a well-known TV and radio celebrity doctor, regularly appearing on The One Show for the BBC and This Morning for ITV. On BBC Radio 4's Just One Thing podcast "he offered health tips to the nation, from the benefits of daily spoonfuls of olive oil to the usefulness of the plank position."

Last month, Mosley presented a special edition of Just One Thing at the Hay Festival, the Bookseller reported, noting that he was first published by indie Short Books, now part of Octopus. Managing director Anna Bond said: "We are devastated by the news of Dr Michael Mosley's tragic death. Our hearts and thoughts are with his wife, Dr Clare Bailey, and the family. From his ground-breaking book, The Fast Diet, in 2013 to his most recent life-changing book Just One Thing in 2022, it has been a joy, a pleasure and a privilege to work closely with him on his bestselling books that have changed millions of people's lives for the better....  A brilliant, warm, funny and kind man, Michael will be so greatly missed." 

Sophie Laurimore, his agent, added: "Michael loved what he did and found it a pleasure and a great privilege to work with his colleagues in TV, radio, publishing and at his business, The Fast 800. He was immensely grateful for how receptive the public were to the ideas he had the privilege to share and to the many scientists whose work he had the honor to help popularize.... Michael was unique. The work he did was important. We will miss him dreadfully."

Mosley's international bestsellers also include The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet, The Fast 800, The Clever Guts Diet , and The Fast 800 Keto, each accompanied by recipe books created by his wife, Dr. Clare Bailey.  

Octopus added: "As a natural communicator and a hugely trusted voice, he successfully distills scientific and medical research into accessible, effective healthy eating and lifestyle advice which has benefitted a vast global community of grateful people. They all enjoy a better quality of life via his books and his health columns, his TV shows, the Fast 800 community and millions of listeners to his BBC Just One Thing podcast." 

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