Act Your Age, Eve Brown

In Act Your Age, Eve Brown, the sparkling conclusion to the Brown Sisters series (Get a Life, Chloe Brown; Take a Hint, Dani Brown), Talia Hibbert introduces the third Brown sister. Eve is the youngest, and feels the least accomplished. While both of her older sisters have successful careers, Eve has given up on every job she's ever tried. When her latest career endeavor, wedding planning, ruins the bride's day, her parents draw the line--it's time to pay rent and find a stable job. An impromptu drive takes her to the quaint British town of Skybriar, and one awkward interview and a car accident later, Eve has a job as the new chef at a bed and breakfast. The b&b's owner, Jacob Wayne, is unimpressed by Eve's constant singing and seemingly unorganized lifestyle but can't deny the friendliness and skill she brings to the job. As snarky Eve and grumpy Jacob work and bicker together at the b&b, their attraction grows.

Hibbert brings her signature humor and warmth to Eve's and Jacob's stories. Eve recognizes the privilege she has within her wealthy Black family, but still feels hurt because her parents seemingly don't believe in her. Jacob believes in Eve and allows her to find her way personally and professionally while working at his b&b. Jacob is also open about his autism and the ableism he has encountered in his career and home life, and Hibbert writes his darkest moments with hope and healing. --Amy Dittmeier, librarian

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