Ship Wrecked

Two fat actors are cast opposite each other in career-making roles after a one-night stand in Olivia Dade's Ship Wrecked, a body-affirming romance full of heat and heart. The day after Swedish stage actress Maria leaves Peter's hotel bed, they discover they're auditioning together for the biggest high fantasy drama on television: Gods of the Gates. They're soon committed to six years on a remote Irish island, portraying two Vikings shipwrecked alone together. Peter is determined to keep things professional while filming, although the two are still drawn to each other.

With snapshots taken during their years together on set, the author illustrates the characters' goodness, compatibility and crackling chemistry. Readers will eagerly anticipate the day shooting wraps and Maria and Peter will finally have a chance at romance, but the path to happily-ever-after is far from smooth. The press tour for the show will end soon and they have some big decisions to make. Can they overcome their fears and find a way to have both their careers and each other?

Olivia Dade's skill at crafting banter-filled romances with kind, cuddly, sexy characters will draw new readers, and those who've read Spoiler Alert or All the Feels will laugh at the novel's interstitial group chats and fanfic exchanges. Themes of home and chosen family make this high-heat romantic comedy a hopeful and comforting read. --Suzanne Krohn, librarian and freelance reviewer

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