Yours Truly

With Yours Truly, Abby Jimenez (Part of Your World; The Happy Ever After Playlist) continues her string of lovable romances that deftly handle issues of mental and physical illness. Dr. Briana Ortiz has had a truly terrible year: her divorce has just been finalized, her younger brother is going through kidney failure, and she finds out that the work promotion she's been vying for is probably going to the new kid on the block, Dr. Jacob Maddox. Determined to hate him, Briana is eager to find all of Jacob's flaws (and commiserate about him with other hospital staffers), until, to her shock, Jacob writes her an honest-to-god letter. And it's a great letter, which makes Briana see Jacob in a new light and forces her to reevaluate her first impressions of him. Soon she finds herself falling for Jacob, as she realizes what a truly special person he is underneath the quirks that, at first, she hated.

Yours Truly, introspective and charming, is the story of two people with misconceptions about each other, yet who are willing to look for the best and change their opinions. Fans of Jasmine Guillory or Emily Henry are sure to love this one. Yours Truly includes some crossover characters from Part of Your World but can easily be read as a scintillating stand-alone novel for those who haven't read Jimenez before--although it's sure to send readers scrambling to find all of her previous novels, too. --Jessica Howard, freelance book reviewer

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