The Last Word

Katy Birchall (The Secret Bridesmaid) takes a departure from wedding-themed romances with The Last Word, a workplace romance perfect for fans of Sally Thorne or Emily Henry. Birchall's effervescent novel combines an engaging enemies-to-lovers story line with a vibrant London setting.

As editor of a magazine's celebrity coverage, Harper Jenkins has a knack for getting Hollywood stars to spill their secrets to her. It's a combination of her innate honesty, hilariously scatterbrained style, and impressive work ethic. None of Harper's relationships has ever lasted: she is always working. Unfortunately for Harper, however, her jerk of a boss hires another editor, and she's dismayed to learn that her new co-worker is none other than Ryan. Eleven years ago, Harper co-interned with Ryan--and he broke her heart. Furious, Harper decides to show Ryan that he can't affect her again, and she determinedly fights him at every step of their working relationship, much to the amusement of their co-workers.

The novel is aptly titled, given that both Ryan and Harper excel in getting in the last word in their many disagreements. As they cover celebrity stories at London parties, British film sets, and Italian hotels, Harper and Ryan bicker throughout. The Last Word is filled with clever repartee and is a treat to read. Harper's mental anguish over Ryan's hotness is laugh-out-loud funny, and the situations that Harper and Ryan keep finding themselves in will keep readers entertained. --Jessica Howard, freelance book reviewer

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