Grand Re-opening for Aframerican Bookstore in Omaha

Aframerican Bookstore, Omaha, Neb., hosted a grand re-opening of its physical location last Saturday, greeting the public for the first time since the start of the pandemic. KETV reported that the bookshop, which has been around since 1990, closed when Covid-19 first hit, and "with the passing of the bookstore's owner, Marshall Taylor, the shop stayed that way--until now... with Taylor's wife, Annette, at the helm."

Taylor said it is important to continue her husband's legacy and to provide the community with information: "What we provide is knowledge, and that's the scholar," she said, pointing to a photo of her late husband. "They'll still get the knowledge, they won't get it from the scholar. So anybody who's gotten the knowledge from him, hold onto it and pass it along, because I don't have what he had. I have it, but [he's] my giant."

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