Blue Umbrella Books Gets Temporary Lease Extension

Blue Umbrella Books in Westfield, Mass., which announced in early June that it would be relocating instead of closing, will be able to remain in its present space until July 31, the Westfield News reported. Owner Russell Atwood said he was able to come up with the funds to extend his lease a month as he continues to seek a new location. He is hopeful that he may be able to move into one of the several vacant storefronts elsewhere in the city’s downtown.

"Were it not for the signage advertising July 31 as the last day, one may not even know that anything was amiss when walking into Blue Umbrella," the Westfield News wrote. "The shelves are just about full and Atwood can be observed tending to customers and organizing the store. The shelves have remained full of books as Atwood had a lot of his inventory in the store’s basement, which he has been using to restock his shelves as customers pick up $1 values." In the middle of the sales floor is a large model tree, based on the tree from To Kill a Mockingbird. Atwood is auctioning it off to raise funds for the store. 

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