Cool Idea of the Day: Cincy Book Bus Depot's Counter

Melanie Moore, owner of Cincy Book Bus, a mobile bookstore (built out of a 1962 VW Transporter truck), shared a peek behind the scenes of renovations for what will be the Book Bus Depot in Sharonville, Ohio, and one notable addition in particular. 

"Meet Jai, everyone! He's a good friend but he's also the behind the scenes Book Bus master carpenter," Moore posted on Facebook. "When I first started this venture, he's the one who custom built all my book boxes for the truck. When I had a crazy idea for my counter at The Depot, I knew I needed Jai. He's from Vermont but took the time to make my vision a reality which was no easy feat. The Book Bus Depot sales counter looks amazing! Thanks, Jai!!"

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