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Insight Editions: Matthew Reinhart Pop Up Studio

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Insight Editions' Reinhart Pop-Up Studio

With the support of the publisher, Shelf Awareness highlights Reinhart Pop-Up Studio, the Insight Editions imprint headed by Matthew Reinhart.

Insight Editions: Stranger Things: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book by Simon Arizpe, illustrated by Kyle Lambert, with Matthew Reinhart

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Welcome to Reinhart Pop-Up Studio

Matthew Reinhart

Reinhart Pop-Up Studio, an imprint of Insight Editions, is the creative home of master paper engineer and award-winning author Matthew Reinhart.

Reinhart Pop-Up Studio expands the boundaries of books with innovative paper engineering, gorgeous illustrations, and engrossing writing. Bringing a new dimension to popular brands and beloved stories, Reinhart Studios creates original pop-up experiences that surprise, illuminate, and delight readers of all ages.

Reinhart Pop Up Studio will publish 8-10 titles per year that combine Reinhart's unparalleled mastery of pop-up innovation and creativity with Insight Editions' signature high-quality production. The list will include original content as well as showcase licensed properties including Harry Potter, Disney, and Star Wars.

Reinhart's first pop-up book was 1999's hit A Pop-Up Book of Phobias. Since then he's created and collaborated on more than 50 books for all ages, including the New York Times bestselling Encyclopedia Prehistorica trilogy and Mommy? written by Maurice Sendak.

Previous partnerships with Insight Editions include Star Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy, DisneyPrincesses: A Magical Pop-Up World, Jurassic World: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book, and the Clio Award-winning A Pop-Up Guide to Hogwarts and Beyond.

"As a publisher, Insight Editions thinks out-of-the-box. They've always been willing to take big risks on complex projects, allowing me to transform my big, impossible dreams into stunning, complex pop-up books. The Reinhart Pop-Up Studio imprint takes our partnership to a new level, creating a home for the kind of books and collectibles that only we could make together," said Matthew Reinhart.

Insight Editions' founder and CEO Raoul Goff said, "Since our first project together, I've been astounded by Matthew Reinhart's creativity and brilliance. There is literally no idea too outlandish, no boundary he's not willing to push to create an innovative pop-up experience. Together with Insight Editions' editorial and production teams, I'm thrilled to collaborate on an imprint that enables Matthew to bring his singular visions to life."


Insight Editions: Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Diagon Alley and Beyond by Matthew Reinhart, illustrated by Kevin Wilson

Stranger Things: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book

Stranger Things: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book (hardcover, $75, 9781647221263, August 27, 2022)

Here Paper Engineer Simon Arizpe talks about what it's like working with a beloved series and bringing Demogorgon to life.

Were you a fan of Stranger Things when you took on this project?

Yes, I was a big fan of the show before the idea of making a pop-up Stranger Things ever came up. I had been watching the show from the beginning and always loved the wild storytelling and mystery. It manages to be so rooted in the imagery of nostalgia while feeling like a wholly unique story. Being able to take fantastical concepts like the upside-down and monsters like the demogorgon and figure out how to make them as surreal as they are in the show was such a fun opportunity. When I was offered the project I was so excited, this really is a dream project for me.

Simon Arizpe

What's the process for planning out the pops?

It always starts with the idea first. What am I going to make pop-up? What will be the most interesting thing to make move, to reveal or hide? How can I make sure that nothing is expected? All the pop-up elements should be surprising while still telling the story. With Stranger Things, there is already such a full and specific story to tell. For me, it was figuring out which aspects of the story will be the most interesting in pop-up form and separating those out into spreads. I made a sort of wish list of must-have scenes: we need to have a giant Demogorgon, definitely have to have a transformation into the upside-down, gotta have the Starcourt Mall, and it sort of fell into place from there.

What was the most challenging pop to create?

I think the most challenging pop for me to create was the first spread with Will Byers traveling into the Upside-Down. The scene starts with the four boys sitting around the table in Mike's basement. Will Byers' missing poster is peaking out from the bottom of the page. As you pull on the poster, the whole scene is transformed from below. The other kids and the basement disappear, and Will is transported to the Upside-Down dimension.

So really there are two pop-ups in one on this page. It was a real challenge figuring out how to hide the whole secondary pop underneath the first, and still make it big and interesting. And that moment is so iconic in the show that I felt like I really had to do it justice.

What's your favorite surprise in the book?

I tried to hide a lot of little Stranger Things Easter Eggs throughout the book for the fans. My favorite is either Max's signature 'MAD MAX' appearing on the arcade game, which was a real plot point in the start of season 2. Either that or there is a little surprise in the Mall scene on spread 5. There is a pull tab that lets Eleven and Max try on a few different outfits. Because who doesn't like an '80s makeover montage scene?

Kyle Lambert, who was the illustrator on the project, and I had a lot of fun adding in little winks to the fans. I would ask him to draw some character in a specific scene, but it also had to be drawn 'upside down and backwards' so that it would fit into the pop-up eventually. He was a great sport about all my weird specific art requests. I think it is because he is such a big fan of the show as well

Is there a dream project you'd love to create in pop-up form?

Yes there is! My dream project would be to create a Steven Universe pop-up book. I think that show is very special. The art is stunning and has beautiful concepts (like fusion) that would lend themselves well to paper engineering. There is also an overall message of acceptance, love, and compassion throughout the show that I think is so important. If anyone is reading this who knows how to get a hold of Rebecca Sugar (the creator of the show) please send this her way. Rebecca, I would love the opportunity to make a pop-up book out of your beautiful story.

Insight Editions: Jurassic World: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book by Matthew Reinhart, art by Rich Davies

Teeth, Tentacles, and Tail Fins: A Wild Ocean Pop-Up

Teeth, Tentacles, and Tail Fins: A Wild Ocean Pop-Up (hardcover, $75, 9781647227241, July 12, 2022)

Susan B. Katz

Author Susan B. Katz on how it was taking a deep dive into writing a nonfiction pop-up book.

How is writing text for a pop-up book different from a traditional book?

Since Teeth, Tentacles, and Tail Fins is designed in subcategories, it was like writing a bunch of little books within a book. Also, each page features so many amazing ocean creatures that we wanted to make sure the text POPS as much (well, almost as much) as the illustrations. That meant thinking of creative subheadings, engaging questions and info for young readers, and succinct ways to get across details about each fish, mammal, etc. I used alliteration (e.g., fossils or frills?), plays on words (e.g., clowning around--for clown fish), and onomatopoeia (Ice... Brrr!) to grab readers' attention in each section. Fitting all the information into the text box forced me to choose my words very carefully.

How do pop-up books help young readers experience and understand nonfiction?

As a former educator, aunt, and author, I've seen the delight that pop-up books spark in young readers' eyes. With each turn of the page, and every pop that jumps off the page, children are instantly engaged in the book. It's an interactive learning experience. What we, in education, call "chunking" information happens naturally as almost all of the text is about the length of a social media post. It helps children digest and process STEAM information in an accessible way. Teeth, Tentacles, and Tail Fins caters to the natural, roving curiosity most children have at the pop-up stage.

What did you learn that surprised you about ocean creatures?

I'm an avid snorkeler and photographer, and have gone whale watching many times. I learned that baleen whales actually don't have any teeth! They have baleen plates (kind of like fingernails) that filter out shrimp, krill, plankton, and small fish for them to swallow. Also, as if the ocean wasn't amazing enough--through my research I found out that colossal squid can grow to be as long as a semi-truck! And did you know that elephant seal pups can gain 10 lbs/day when they're first born? (I didn't!)

How did you and Matthew Reinhart collaborate?

Matthew sent me (through our editor) a spreadsheet of potential facts we could include. From there, I researched more about each animal, revised it into "kid speak," and added language that engages readers. I really admire Matthew's palette, design, and accomplishments so I am honored to have written a pop-up book that he illustrated.

What makes pop-up books so appealing to kids?

Kids will beg to come back to the book time and time again. Each time, they'll learn a new fact, pull a different tab, or investigate the pop-up teeth, tails, and tentacles. The design and thought that goes into the craft of making pop-up books is a craft that really takes an engineering eye to make everything durable, foldable, and, most importantly: FUN!

Flip Pop: Harry Potter and Flip Pop: Hermione Granger

Flip Pop: Harry Potter ($21.99, 9781647227180, October 18, 2022) and Flip Pop: Hermione Granger ($21.99, 9781647227197, October 18, 2022)

Creator Matthew Reinhart speaks to the challenge of creating an entirely new character collectible.

How did you come up with the idea for Flip Pops?

The inspiration for Flip Pops was many years in the making, but I think it was an extended brainstorming session that really kicked them into high gear. We're both huge fans/collectors of both pop-up books and entertainment collectibles like movie replicas, mini-statues, action figures and toys. How could we merge pop-ups with an action figure? How could we add a POP to a three-dimensional character? How could we make that action both surprising and satisfying? It was a huge challenge, and one that I was eager to take on! We wanted to be able to make the prototype Flip Pop figures something collectible, affordable, and fun that featured beloved characters from across multiple properties like Harry Potter, DC Comics, Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Stranger Things and more.

Matthew Reinhart

What was the biggest challenge of creating the Flip Pops?

EVERYTHING! The whole concept was something brand new, something I've never really tackled before, so there were a lot of different directions explored. I mean, it's a pull-tab action pop-up that happens on several surfaces all at once on a three-dimensional object--something I've never designed before! Some of the throw-away designs--yikes!--well, let's just say I'm glad they got pitched into the recycling bin! That said, those explorations were really important to learn about what worked and what didn't. Breaking new creative ground as a fairly accomplished artist in my field (not bragging, I swear!) can be both humbling and exhilarating all at once. Some of the earliest prototypes looked nothing like what we've got now--and I am thankful we took the time to get them right, and I'm excited to create even more new Flip Pop designs in the future!

What's your favorite feature of the Flip Pops?

Well, it's obviously the POP!--or the transformation that occurs when you flip they switch on the back of each Flip Pop. Flipping that switch (which is really satisfying to make happen, by the way) and making that transformation happen, that's really fun. There's something magical, at least I think, about making something transform with such a simple action.

Are you a collector?

Am I ever! I began collecting in 1978 after the very first STAR WARS movie released when Santa left me my first Kenner STAR WARS figures, R2-D2, C-3PO, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. I was immediately hooked and collected every STAR WARS 3.75" action figure and vehicle since then! My original action figures from my childhood are actually displayed in mirrored window-boxes in my home so I can actually enjoy those figures when I get up every morning. Simple pleasures, eh?

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Disney Princess: The Little Mermaid Pop-Up Book (9781647227593, February 7, 2023)

Dungeons & Dragons: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book (9781647226206, May 16, 2023)

Transformers: The Ultimate Pop-Up Universe (9781647229542, May 30, 2023)

Disney Parks: The Official Pop-Up Book and Map (9798886630244, May 30, 2023)

Harry Potter Flip Pop: Ron Weasley (9798886630275, July 4, 2023)

Harry Potter Flip Pop: Dobby the House-Elf (9798886630282, July 4, 2023)

Garbage Pail Kids Pop-Up Book (9798886631135, August 22, 2023)

Rainforest Predators Pop-Up Book (9798886630831, September 5, 2023)

Minecraft: The Official Pop-Up (9798886630978, October 10, 2023)

The Human Body Pop-Up Book (9781647227111, March 5, 2024)

Dia de los Muertos (9798886630152, July 9, 2024)

Insight Editions: Harry Potter Flip Pop: Harry Potter by Matthew Reinhart

Insight Editions: Harry Potter Flip Pop: Hermione Granger by Matthew Reinhart

Insight Editions: Harry Potter: Hedwig Pop-Up Advent Calendar by Matthew Reinhart

Insight Kids: Teeth, Tentacles, and Tail Fins: A Wild Ocean Pop-Up by Matthew Reinhart, with contribution by Susan B. Katz

Insight Kids: Teeth, Tentacles, and Tail Fins: A Wild Ocean Pop-Up by Matthew Reinhart, with contribution by Susan B. Katz

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