Sarah MacLean kicks off her Hell's Belles series with Bombshell, featuring the bold and scandalous Lady Sesily Talbot in a feminist historical novel that will delight MacLean's longtime fans just as it introduces new readers to her work.

Sesily Talbot has never cared much for her reputation. The London elite calls her "Sexily" behind her back, a moniker she does nothing to discourage, in no small part because it's not entirely untrue--and because it gives her cover to go about her business taking down the worst of the London aristocracy without anyone noticing. But when her sister's best friend and business partner, Caleb Calhoun, returns to London after years away, she quickly realizes that her ruse as the reputation-less Lady may not hold up to his (very close) scrutiny.

MacLean (Daring and the Duke) has a knack for historical romances filled with both tension and intrigue, and Bombshell is no exception. The chemistry between Sesily and Caleb is substantial on every page of this well-paced tale, with passionate scenes between the two that defy the classic trope of the virginal aristocratic lady seduced by an all-knowing male suitor of some variety. Even more enticing than the romance between the two, though, is the intrigue behind both players' resistance to their undeniable attraction to one another. And at the heart of that intrigue is Sesily and her band of forward-thinking renegade friends--each with the promise of romances of their own to come. --Kerry McHugh, blogger at Entomology of a Bookworm

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