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Shelf Discovery

A Murder of Magpies

by Judith Flanders

An intriguing whodunit set in the world of London publishing, narrated with biting wit.

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100 Essential Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know About Math & the Arts

by John D. Barrow

An entertaining collection of ideas that shed light on our beautiful and intensely patterned world.

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Into the Savage Country

by Shannon Burke

A panoramic vision of the 1820s American West, as seen through the eyes of fur traders.

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I Don't Want to Be a Frog

by Dev Petty, illus. by Mike Boldt

A comical frog hero wants to be something else--until he really thinks it through, with a little help.

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The Siege Winter

by Ariana Franklin, Samantha Norman

A thrilling historical novel set during England's tumultuous civil war of the 1140s.

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Wanted: A Spiritual Pursuit Through Jail, Among Outlaws, and Across Borders

by Chris Hoke

A young, white, middle-class man finds his spiritual light in the dark lives of gangsters and convicts.

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Discontent and Its Civilizations: Dispatches from Lahore, New York and London

by Mohsin Hamid

Novelist Mohsin Hamid's insightful collection of essays on global issues and personal experiences.

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Irritable Hearts: A PTSD Love Story

by Mac McClelland

An American journalist's struggle to heal from post-traumatic stress disorder while romancing a handsome French soldier.

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When the Wind Blows

by Linda Booth Sweeney, illus. by Jana Christy

A poetic tribute to the changing seasons in a seaside town and to a closely knit family.

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Know It All: 132 Head-Scratching Questions About the Science All Around Us

by New Scientist, Mick O'Hare, editor

A collection of intriguing questions and answers from the pages of New Scientist magazine.

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St. Martin's: Mightier Than the Sword by Jeffrey Archer

Media Heat

Thursday, February 26, 2015

On KCRW's Bookworm: Peter Cole, author of The Invention of Influence (New Directions, $16.95, 9780811221726).

On Fresh Air: Bill Gifford, author of Spring Chicken: Stay Young Forever (or Die Trying) (Grand Central, $27, 9781455527441).

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

On Fresh Air: Philip Connors, author of All the Wrong Places: A Life Lost and Found (Norton, $25.95, 9780393088762).

On the Daily Show: Lynsey Addario, author of It's What I Do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War (Penguin Press, $29.95, 9781594205378).

Monday, February 23, 2015

On NPR's All Things Considered: Elisa Albert, author of After Birth (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $23, 9780544273733).

On Fresh Air: David Treuer, author of Prudence: A Novel (Riverhead, $27.95, 9781594633089).

Thursday, February 19, 2015

On KCRW's Bookworm: Chang-rae Lee, author of On Such a Full Sea (Riverhead, $16, 9781594632891).

On Diane Rehm: Neil Gaiman, author of Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances (Morrow, $26.99, 9780062330260).

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

On Fresh Air: David Remnick, editor of the New Yorker, on the magazine's 90th anniversary.

On Diane Rehm: Anya Kamenetz, author of The Test: Why Our Schools are Obsessed with Standardized Testing--but You Don't Have to Be (PublicAffairs, $25.99, 9781610394413).

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