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Quote of the Day

Amazon 'Exerts a Dangerous Amount of Control'

Mary Rasenberger

"The fact is Amazon now virtually controls an important marketplace of information. That is not good for bookstores or for authors, and it is not good for democracy. We now have a single, corporate entity that exerts a dangerous amount of control over the channels of free expression that sustain our democracy. A corporation has never before in American history been allowed to monopolize an information or communications channel. The courts and the government never let that happen before, precisely because democracy relies on the free flow of expression and that requires a broad, diverse array of information sources. When the Associated Press, Turner Broadcasting, or Barnes & Noble threatened to dominate a single marketplace of information, the courts or a government agency intervened. It's important to see the big picture here, because this situation can easily be trivialized. We're not just talking about the price of an e-book. We're talking about interference with the marketplace of information and ideas, which is the engine of any democracy."

Penguin Press: Strangers Drowning by Larissa Macfarquhar

Thomas Dunne Books: A Gift From Bob by James Bowen

Tarcher: Catify to Satisfy by Jackson Galaxy

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