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Quote of the Day

The Power of Indies and Handselling

John August

"[Handselling] is incredibly important, especially for a new author. Jonathan Stokes, the author of the Addison Cooke series, is a huge believer: 'If you had asked me six months ago to describe the ecology of the bookselling environment, I would have described the ecosystem to be Amazon is the biggest bookseller at the top, Barnes & Noble is kind of, getting eaten by Amazon a little bit, and then at the bottom I would have put independent booksellers. And in hindsight, I think I had it entirely backward. I actually think that the independent booksellers are in many ways the most important people to reach as an author. Because if you're like me, let's say, you're a completely unknown first-time author with a completely unknown first-time book, yours is sort of a very tiny snowball at the top of a mountain. You're trying to get the snowball to start rolling and become a bigger snowball.... It's really independent booksellers that have the power to read your book, fall in love with it and become an evangelist for your book.' "

Running Press Adult: Give a Sh*t: Do Good. Live Better. Save the Planet by Ashlee Piper

Ballantine Books: All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers: The Inventors at No. 8 by A.M. Morgen

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