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Our Favorite Cookbooks of 2017

How many chefs does it take to whittle down our favorite cookbooks of 2017 to only 20? Many--and from all culinary corners, including some who couldn't sauté if their lives depended on it, a few who can and will happily follow complicated recipes with tasty success, and those who just want to eat, already!

Beyond the 20 titles reviewed below, we wanted to mention a few more:

Cookbook author and food photographer Tieghan Gerard started cooking at the age of 15 for her large family and never stopped; she now chronicles her flair for comfort food on her popular blog, Half Baked Harvest. In Half Baked Harvest Cookbook: Recipes from My Barn in the Mountains (Clarkson Potter, $29.99), you'll find something to please every palate, from Peanut Butter Crunch French Toast or Easy Coq au Vin with Brown Butter Egg Noodles to Cuban Mojo Pulled Pork Tacos and Gooey Coconut Caramel Bars.

Chef, teacher and writer Samin Nosrat's Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking (Simon & Schuster, $35) operates according to a deceptively simple premise: if you master the use of salt, fat, acid, and heat, everything you cook will be delicious. Only 17 words in that sentence, but the concept is one every chef should spend some serious time understanding--and now you can, with the help of Nosrat's straightforward narrative, illustrator Wendy MacNaughton colorful drawings and infographics, and an approach to food science that's both accessible and entertaining.

Finally, master bakers Amy Emberling and Frank Carollo's Zingerman's Bakery (Chronicle, $29.95) celebrates the Michigan artisanal bakery's 25th anniversary with 65 of their most popular recipes. Delightful breads, brownies, cookies, and breads are all represented, accompanied by easy-to-follow recipes and 50 full-color photographs. For something sweet, try Ginger Jump-Up Cookies or Bakehouse Brownies. Savory? Parmesan Pepper Bread or Detroit Style Pizza. And when you're done with those, there are 61 more! --Stefanie Hargreaves, editor, Shelf Awareness for Readers

Book Candy

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Book Review

Food & Wine

Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables

by Joshua McFadden, Martha Holmberg

Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables is a gorgeous, veggie-heavy cookbook. Chef Joshua McFadden's goal is encouraging cooks to focus on "seasonal and local cooking... eat tomatoes in August, peas in April, butternut squash only when there's frost on your car windshield." He showcases dozens of recipes with amazing photographs that will have readers salivating for the freshest, seasonal vegetables. The color-coded pages are split into six seasons: spring, early summer, midsummer, late summer, fall, and winter. Each seasonal section is full of delicious recipes like English Peas with Prosciutto and New Potatoes; Roasted Fennel with Apples, Taleggio Cheese and Almonds; Sautéed Corn Four Ways; and Collards with Freekeh, Hazelnuts and Grapes.

These simple recipes, with thoughtfully chosen ingredients and clear instructions, are perfect for cooks of any level of experience to explore eating seasonally and incorporating more vegetables into their repertoire. Six Seasons is a prized addition to any cookbook collection. --Jessica Howard, bookseller at Bookmans, Tucson, Ariz.

Discover: This beautiful cookbook is filled with simple recipes showcasing seasonal vegetables.

Artisan, $35, hardcover, 384p., 9781579656317

Catalonia: Spanish Recipes from Barcelona and Beyond

by José Pizzaro

In Catalonia, noted Spanish chef José Pizarro showcases the food of the Catalan region. The book is a tribute to the rich cultural heritage of the area, celebrating traditional ingredients with generations-old recipes, as well as a number of new dishes. Pan con tomate, patatas bravas, chicken stew with langoustines and Crema Catalana will be recognized by anyone familiar with Catalan cuisine. Moreover, Pizarro offers up his own versions of roasted goose and escudella (in a recipe called "Escudella, My Way").

Each recipe in Catalonia is accompanied by lush, full-color photography--of the dishes in question, as well as of regional sights and scenery. The result is a cookbook that is as much a travelogue and photography book as it is a collection of recipes. Pizarro recognizes food as a "wonderful way of encoding and capturing history on a plate," and Catalonia has a wonderful way of capturing it altogether on the page. --Kerry McHugh, blogger at Entomology of a Bookworm

Discover: This richly photographed collection of dishes celebrates the cultural and culinary traditions of Catalonia.

Hardie Grant, $40, hardcover, 256p., 9781784881160

Sweet: Desserts from London's Ottolenghi

by Yotam Ottolenghi, Helen Goh

Chef and restaurateur Yotam Ottolenghi (Jerusalem) is the author of many admired cookbooks. Sweet is one of his best, co-written with collaborator and pastry chef Helen Goh. Cookies, cakes, fruit tarts, puddings, crepes, frozen desserts and confectionary are all represented in this beautiful, well-organized book. Tips and notes support the carefully written recipes. Many are classics, but with original flavor combinations that raise them to complex rounded new glories. They add saffron, orange zest, honey, vanilla and pistachios to madeleines, and banana, cinnamon and toasted pecans to chocolate crinkle cookies. Candies include meringues, nougat, brittles and Raspberry Lollipops. Most recipes are simple or mildly challenging, but a few, like Hazelnut Crumble Cake with Gianduja (or Nutella) Icing, combine several components and could be a pleasant weekend project. This might be the book of the year for anyone who loves to bake. --Sara Catterall

Discover: Ingenious flavor combinations elevate old favorites and new creations in this brilliant and beautiful book of desserts and sweets by two famed British chefs.

Ten Speed Press, $35, hardcover, 368p., 9781607749141

Kitchen Creativity: Unlocking Culinary Genius--with Wisdom, Inspiration, and Ideas from the World's Most Creative Chefs

by Karen Page

Recipes are a good place for anyone to start cooking, but it can be more rewarding to learn how to cook inventively to please your tastes, with the best ingredients available to you. Food writer Karen Page (The Flavor Bible) has written many acclaimed books with photography by her husband, Andrew Dornenburg. In Kitchen Creativity she compiles the advice of successful chefs, and studies how they manage their creative lives. Sections discuss techniques, how flavors and textures work together, and how to invent new dishes. In sidebars and subsections, Page offers a five-step creative process, historical origins of flavor combinations, sources for the best ingredients, book recommendations and lists of award-winning chefs and restaurants. An encyclopedia-style section is meant to spark ideas with entries such as Altitude, Enneagrams and Summer. This book will appeal to cooks at every level, and those interested in creativity, whatever the medium. --Sara Catterall

Discover: A top food writer presents the creative lives and technical advice of professional chefs in this combination creativity study and cooking manual.

Little, Brown, $40, hardcover, 464p., 9780316267809

Our Korean Kitchen

by Jordan Bourke, Rejina Pyo

Unlike Chinese, Japanese and the Southeast Asian cuisines, Korean food had always been a bit of a mystery to citizens of the U.K. For acclaimed chef Jordan Bourke, his awakening came by way of his fashion designer wife, Rejina Pyo, who introduced Bourke to the delicious simplicity of Korean cooking. This husband-wife duo has created an artfully curated collection of authentic and accessible Korean recipes. Moving from simple to complex, Bourke and Pyo break down the techniques and ingredients that go into crafting many well-known favorites--bulgolgi (soy-marinated beef), silken tofu stews, bibimbap, mandoo (dumplings), jajang myeon (black bean noodles) and kimchi--while providing the historical and cultural context behind each dish. Gorgeous, mouthwatering photography adds to the vibrancy and sensual pleasures of the Korean table. With its 100-plus recipes and coffee-table appeal, Our Korean Kitchen would make an excellent addition to any cookbook collection, as well as serving as a comprehensive reference on Korean cuisine. --Nancy Powell, freelance writer and technical consultant

Discover: Learn the techniques and ingredients behind Korean cuisine in this sumptuous collection of recipes.

Weldon Owen, $35, hardcover, 272p., 9781681881867

Malaysia: Recipes from a Family Kitchen

by Ping Coombes

Winner of 2014's MasterChef competition, Ping Coombes uses the recipes in Malaysia: Recipes from a Family Kitchen to introduce readers to the culinary world of her country of birth. The book is filled with delicious recipes that run the gamut on tastes and dietary restrictions, including some appealing Malaysian twists on standard cocktails. Adventurous cooks will enjoy seeking out some of the harder-to-find ingredients in Coombes's recipes, though most can easily be swapped out with readily available options. Don't forget to try the desserts, especially the incredible "Malaysian Mess," a decadent coconut meringue dish that's paired with pineapple compote. Filled with fabulous photos and beautifully designed with a hot pink cover, Malaysia is a great gift for anyone looking to expand their cooking horizons. --Noah Cruickshank, adult engagement manager, The Field Museum, Chicago, Ill.

Discover: Malaysia: Recipes from a Family Kitchen welcomes chefs into the delicious world of Malaysian cooking.

Weldon Owen, $35, hardcover, 248p., 9781681881850

Andina: The Heart of Peruvian Food

by Martin Morales

London chef and restaurateur Martin Morales (Ceviche) has a reputation as a champion of Peruvian cuisine in Britain. Named for his picanteria in London, this recipe and essay collection reflects his Peruvian roots and showcases the passion and creativity that led the Peruvian government to name Morales "food ambassador."

Beautiful styling sets Andina apart, beginning with its cover, which has the look and texture of handpainted ceramic tiles. Inside, gorgeously styled dishes dance across the pages in an enticing rainbow of colors. Pink duck beckons from its bed of golden mashed sweet potatoes on one page while roasted peppers blaze from creamy ricotta on another. Though American home cooks may have difficulty sourcing guinea pig or nasturtium leaves, most recipes feature feasible ingredients. Morales's reverent stories of visiting markets and chefs in the Peruvian Andes cap the perfect gift for the would-be world traveler in your life. --Jaclyn Fulwood, youth services manager, Main Branch, Dayton Metro Library

Discover: This collection of vibrant recipes accompanied by stories of the Andes comes from London chef Martin Morales, famous in Britain for leading the Peruvian cuisine revolution.

Quadrille, $35, hardcover, 9781849499941

Bäco: Vivid Recipes from the Heart of Los Angeles

by Josef Centeno, Betty Hallock, Dylan James Ho and Jeni Afuso, photographers

Josef Centeno, chef-owner of five acclaimed restaurants in downtown Los Angeles, comes from mixed heritage--Mexican, Spanish, Irish, French, English, German and Polish. Drawing upon these influences--and others--Centeno's vibrant culinary creations form unusual pairings that layer flavor. Taste is supreme. He and food writer Betty Hallock present an enticing, chicly photographed cookbook that offers 130 bold recipes that pay homage to ingredients, traditions and imagination. Themes on flavor are reflected via nine sections aptly titled with adjectives such as "spicy, salty, pickled, preserved"; "buttery, crisp, tangy, herbal"; and "flaky, fruity, caramely, tart." Vegetables and vinaigrettes shine, as do spices and herbs. Refined palates will savor recipes for kohlrabi with crème fraîche, mint, lemon and yuzo kosho; Centeno's signature Bäco Flatbread, a "gyro-taco-pizza hybrid"; and pistachio cheesecake custards topped with matcha sugar and kataifi pastry. --Kathleen Gerard, blogger at Reading Between the Lines

Discover: Eclectic, multicultural-inspired recipes from a groundbreaking Los Angeles chef and restaurant owner.

Chronicle, $35, hardcover, 320p., 9781452154688

The Ivy Now

by Fernando Peire

Part history and part recipe book, The Ivy Now celebrates the legendary London restaurant's centennial with 100 years of stories and 100 recipes. Fernando Peire, who joined the Ivy in 1990 and later became its director, is an entertaining historian, offering tales of the restaurant's rich history and enduring popularity. "Some people may be able to get a reservation easier than others, but once in the Ivy, everyone is equal," writes Peire. Sprinkled throughout are charming and funny anecdotes from many celebrity customers--including Dawn French, Sir Derek Jacobi, Simon Callow, Lady Antonia Fraser, Stephen Fry, Barry Humphries, James Corden and Alan Rickman.

More than half of the book consists of popular recipes by the Ivy's executive chef Gary Lee (paired with Jenny Zarins's mouth-watering photos) covering starters, classic main courses, salads and sides, vegetarian meals, desserts and cocktails. This is a beautifully designed cookbook and tribute to the century-old art deco British restaurant. --Kevin Howell, independent reviewer and marketing consultant

Discover: London's landmark restaurant the Ivy turns 100 and is fêted with a delicious gift book filled with recipes and celebrity testimonials.

Quadrille, $40, hardcover, 9781849498463

Beekman 1802, A Seat at the Table: Recipes to Nourish Your Family, Friends, and Community

by Rose Marie Trapani, Brent Ridge, Josh Kilmer-Purcell

The "Fabulous Beekman Boys" of the Cooking Channel and three cookbooks are an inspiration for anyone embracing good food and community.

In 2008, Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell founded their farm, Beekman 1802, in Sharon Springs, in New York State's Mohawk Valley. They vowed to promote a community of local artisans, and their "mecca" includes a lifestyle company. Their fourth cookbook, A Seat at the Table, collects more than 115 recipes, organized by season.

Written with their neighbor Rose Marie Trapani, whose Sicilian heritage influences many of the recipes, the book includes stories of friends and colleagues from the community. Alongside Christian's Lentil Soup, readers learn about the book's photographer; the honey-sweetened Struffoli honors the local beekeeper. The authors even profile Kip, the artisan who made their chairs. Rose Marie's Essential Biscotti was served at Ridge and Kilmer-Purcell's wedding. Home cooks will appreciate the thoughtful reflections as much as the accessible recipes. --Cheryl Krocker McKeon, manager, Book Passage, San Francisco

Discover: The Beekman Boys' fourth cookbook features seasonal recipes plus stories of their beloved Sharon Springs, N.Y.

Houghton Mifflin, $30, hardcover, 256p., 9780544850217

Downtime: Deliciousness at Home

by Nadine Levy Redzepi

Accomplished home cook Nadine Levy Redzepi is married to René Redzepi, chef of acclaimed restaurant Noma in Copenhagen. Lest you think that Downtime must therefore be complicated, be disabused: the recipes are straightforward, often with notes like "Congratulations: You've made a tart shell," followed by variations on the dish. The recipes are homey, perfect for families and friends--comfort dishes like Roasted Ratatouille with Orzo, Warm Potatoes with Greens and Herbs, Baked Salmon with Thyme and Thin Potatoes, Chocolate Chunk Cookies. She's a fan of butter basting, and finger foods to start a meal (Green Asparagus with Poached Egg). Her Portuguese Pork Chops and Rice uses three tablespoons of butter, one lemon and six garlic cloves--the essence of simplicity, and the sum greater than the parts. The recipes are easy enough for weekday meals, and will elevate any cook's repertoire. --Marilyn Dahl

Discover: In Downtime, delectable recipes are presented with clear directions and mouthwatering photographs.

Pam Krauss/Avery, $35, hardcover, 304p., 9780735216068

Dinner: Changing the Game

by Melissa Clark

One cookbook that especially stands out this year is Dinner: Changing the Game by New York Times food columnist Melissa Clark. The recipes deliver exactly what many home cooks crave: less work, more flavor and extra time for joys like a glass of wine and getting your teen to spill about her day. It also does "change the game" by gleefully rebelling against the traditional one protein, two veg of our parents' menus. Clark has a way with sheet-pan dinners, especially Harissa Chicken with Leeks, Potatoes and Yogurt (which adorns the cover) and Spicy Roasted Shrimp with Eggplant and Mint. Both are sure to become new household favorites. She even livens up the typically boring grain bowl trend with an entire chapter of refreshing combinations, zingy sauces and often a surprise of something pickled or crunchy. It takes only a few months before this gem of a cookbook is splattered and dog-eared, a testament to its magic, freshness and just how well it works. --Jenn Risko, publisher & co-founder, Shelf Awareness

Discover: Oh goody! It's Melissa Clark, so you know it will work.

Clarkson Potter , $35, hardcover, 400p., 9780553448238

The Harvest Baker: 150 Sweet & Savory Recipes Celebrating the Fresh-Picked Flavors of Fruits, Herbs & Vegetables

by Ken Haedrich

Healthy and seasonal eating doesn't mean eliminating all baked goods from one's diet. Pastry chef and "dean" of the Pie Academy Ken Haedrich's recipes feature an assortment of fruits and vegetables paired in creative ways. Mix summer and winter squashes into savory muffins. Tuck eggplant into turnovers. Blend blueberries with gingerbread. Hearty entrées include vegetable-laden pizzas, quiches and calzones. There is even an herb and vegetable bread that is baked in a flowerpot.

Haedrich dedicates chapters to selecting proper bakeware and an overview of techniques, such as perfecting the art of making dough and working with yeast. With these thorough instructions, cooks of every level will find inspiration in The Harvest Baker to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into all their baked goods without sacrificing taste. --Melissa Firman, writer, editor and blogger at

Discover: A pastry chef demonstrates how fruits and vegetables can be used to enhance a variety of baked goods.

Storey Publishing, $19.95, paperback, 304p., 9781612127675

Five Ways to Cook Asparagus (and Other Recipes): The Art and Practice of Making Dinner

by Peter Miller

Five Ways to Cook Asparagus (and Other Recipes): The Art and Practice of Making Dinner is the second cookbook by Peter Miller (Lunch at the Shop). He describes his first cookbook as a "straight ahead process" for making lunches, and here he accomplishes the same thing for dinner. Miller convinces today's hurried cook that making dinner at home with no plan is not only possible but also pleasurable. He structures the book around fives: five broad groups of food to keep in the cupboard (greens, liquids, dairy, breads and fruits) and corresponding recipes with examples from each group. Deceptively simple recipes such as Cauliflower Baked in Butter and Parmesan, and White Bean Soup and Chanterelles, illustrate his belief that simple food preparation can also be gratifying. More than 90 recipes with color photography offer "inspiration, advice on preparation, and encouragement to enjoy the process and the meals." --Cindy Pauldine, bookseller, the river's end bookstore, Oswego, N.Y.

Discover: Five Ways to Cook Asparagus is an appealing and practical cookbook that elevates quick work-night dinners into an organized, satisfying routine.

Abrams, $29.95, hardcover, 256p., 9781419723933

The Ultimate Pasta and Noodle Cookbook

by Serena Cosmo

Is there anything more satisfying than a bowl of pasta, noodles or dumplings? In The Ultimate Pasta and Noodle Cookbook, Serena Cosmo provides readers with a sumptuous resource for novice and experienced cooks.

This encyclopedic inventory of pasta, Asian noodles and dumplings (word to the wise: shape matters!) is the perfect introduction to hundreds of recipes for simple meals, soups, noodle bowls and stir-fries, with an emphasis on Italian and Asian fare. Most of the recipes include approachable meals like Ravioli with Sausage and Broccoli Rabe, Pierogis with Potato, Onion and Farmer's Cheese filling, and Curry Noodles with Tofu. Adventurous cooks can try Penicillin Soup with Egg Noodles and Matzo balls, whip up a Chicken Liver, Guanciale and Porcini Mushroom sauce, and give the Szechuan classic "Ants Climbing a Tree" a try. Nut flour and spiraled vegetables provide gluten-free alternatives so no one is missing out. --Frank Brasile, selection librarian, writer, editor

Discover: A lavishly photographed cookbook for pasta and noodle connoisseurs of all levels of skill.

Cider Mill Press, $39.95, hardcover, 800p., 9781604337334

How to Instant Pot: Mastering All the Functions of the One Pot That Will Change the Way You Cook

by Daniel Shumski

For new and experienced cooks alike, an Instant Pot can be intimidating (so many buttons!) and intriguing. While its multi-purpose design allows the Instant Pot to be used as an electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker and yogurt maker, familiarizing oneself with each technique takes a little practice. Organized according to each of the trendy kitchen appliance's functionalities, How to Instant Pot serves as both cooking coach and lighthearted sous chef. An appealing variety of simple, delicious recipes are dished up alongside generous sides of easy-to-understand instructions, tips and strategies that will increase confidence when using the Instant Pot while maximizing kitchen efficiency and convenience. --Melissa Firman, writer, editor and blogger at

Discover: An easy-to-understand guide to the Instant Pot's many functions, combined with recipes that help make the most of this innovative kitchen appliance.

Workman, $16.95, paperback, 288p., 9781523502066

The Perfect Cookie: Your Ultimate Guide to Foolproof Cookies, Brownies & Bars

by the editors at America's Test Kitchen

The Perfect Cookie: Your Ultimate Guide to Foolproof Cookies, Brownies & Bars by the editors at America's Test Kitchen is a delectable assortment of more than 200 recipes for creating traditional, seasonal, sandwich style, no-bake and decorative cookies with something for absolutely everyone on the cookie-brownie-bar spectrum. Gluten-free recipes abound, with variations on traditional cookie recipes and special creations, as well as an informative section that demystifies the art and science behind tasty gluten-free baking.

By testing each recipe several times to understand why it works and how to create the best version, the team of cooks at America's Test Kitchen make it easy for readers to experiment with chewy and crunchy textures, favorite classics and creative flavor combinations. The full-page color photographs accompanying each recipe serve as inspiration for novice and experienced bakers alike. And those who prefer to stay out of the kitchen will surely enjoy what is possibly the ultimate in cookie porn. --Shahina Piyarali, writer and reviewer

Discover: A treasure trove of cookie recipes, including gluten-free concoctions, complete with mouthwatering photos.

America's Test Kitchen, $35, hardcover, 448p., 9781940352954

Maison Kayser's French Pastry Workshop

by Eric Kayser, trans. by Zachary R. Townsend

Parisian chef Eric Kayser is the owner of more than 80 Maison Kayser boulangeries worldwide. In Maison Kayser's French Pastry Workshop, translated from the French, he offers instructions for numerous desserts so that cooks can "create from their own hands something sweet for sharing and out of friendship." From simple sweets like Almond Biscuits to more elaborate meringue and choux pastries, Kayser covers a variety of visually appealing desserts. Every recipe has a color photograph, and in step-by-step instructions, Kayser demonstrates complicated techniques, such as making puff pastry dough. Cookbook aficionados will be pleased with measurements in both U.S. standard and metric. While this is not a cookbook for beginning bakers, it is written so that home bakers with a modicum of experience will have success with each recipe. Those looking to replicate authentic French confections will find this cookbook a delightful resource. --Cindy Pauldine, bookseller, the river's end bookstore, Oswego, N.Y.

Discover: One of the most popular bakeries in the world shares authentic French dessert recipes.

Black Dog & Leventhal, $29.99, hardcover, 256p., 9780316439275

Magic Cakes: Easy-Mix Batters that Transform into Amazing Layered Cakes!

by Kathleen Royal Phillips

In Magic Cakes, Kathleen Phillips provides one basic batter recipe. When baked, it separates into three distinct and delectable layers--a custard-like layer, a dense, fudge-like layer and a sponge cake layer. By adding ingredients to the original recipe, readers can create any number of magic cakes and Phillips provides more than 30 recipes that will satisfy the cravings of fruit, chocolate or spice lovers. Her instructions for bringing everything to room temperature prior to mixing are extremely helpful and crucial for the proper creation of these all-in-one-pan layered cakes. A gluten-free recipe that follows the same techniques is provided and full-page color photographs illustrate the numerous possible combinations. Scrumptious and relatively simple to create, magic cakes will be featured on many holiday dessert tables. --Lee E. Cart, freelance writer and book reviewer

Discover: Delicious magic cakes--with custard, sponge cake and a dense, fudge-like layer--bake in a single pan.

Running Press, $18, hardcover, 128p., 9780762463053

The Marley Coffee Cookbook: One Love, Many Coffees & 100 Recipes

by Maxcel Hardy III, Rohan Marley, Rosemary Black

The Marley Coffee Cookbook is absolutely perfect for lovers of coffee. The entire book is full of coffee-infused cuisine, including dishes like Curry and Coffee Braised Lamb, and Radish and Strawberry Salad with Coffee Vinaigrette. The authors are Rohan Marley (son of Bob Marley), owner of Marley Coffee, an international coffee company, and Chef Maxcel Hardy III. Their collaboration has produced some fantastic recipes. The two men originally come from Jamaica and the Bahamas, thus island-inspired cuisine naturally shows up in recipes like Jamaican Berry Coffee Compote and Coffee-Infused Fish Chowder.

Basic recipes like a coffee spice blend can be added to many dishes. With easy-to-follow instructions, as well as lots of pictures of Marley and Hardy cooking, The Marley Coffee Cookbook is a fun, lively cookbook that expands the opportunity for caffeine addiction. --Jessica Howard, bookseller at Bookmans, Tucson, Ariz.

Discover: This bright, fun cookbook contains 100 coffee-infused recipes.

Quarry Books, $25, hardcover, 208p., 9781631593116


Author Buzz

The Rom-Commers

by Katherine Center

Dear Reader,

Famous screenwriter Charlie Yates wrote a romantic comedy screenplay--and it’s terrible. Aspiring writer Emma Wheeler just got hired to fix it. But Charlie doesn't want anyone rewriting his work--least of all a "failed nobody," and Emma can't support a guy who doesn't even like rom-coms, adding another bad one to the pantheon. So what choice does Emma have but to stand up for herself, and rom-coms, and love in general--and, in the process, to show her nemesis-slash-writing-hero exactly how to fall stupidly, crazily, perfectly in love?

Email with the subject line "The Rom-Commers sweepstakes" for a chance to win one of five copies.

Katherine Center

Buy now and support your local indie bookstore>

AuthorBuzz: St. Martin's Press: The Rom-Commers by Katherine Center

St. Martin's Press

Pub Date: 
June 11, 2024


List Price: 
$29.00 Hardcover

Blue Moon
(A Smoke and Mirrors Novella)

by Skye Warren

Dear Reader,

When I started writing Ringmaster Emerson Durand in the Smoke and Mirrors series, I knew he would get his own story. Insouciant. Charming. And he's actually the villain of that book. So can he be redeemed? It's the question I'm always working to answer in my books.

If he's going to deserve his own happily ever after, it's going to be a journey. A scorching hot journey!

That's what BLUE MOON illuminates. A dangerous ringmaster claims his rebellious acrobat for a sensual show you cannot miss.

Skye Warren

Available on Kobo

AuthorBuzz: 1001 Dark Nights Press: Blue Moon (A Smoke and Mirrors Novella) by Skye Warren

1001 Dark Nights Press

Pub Date: 
March 12, 2024


List Price: 
$2.99 e-book

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